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Vitabiotics Pregnacare Breastfeeding

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Combining post-natal micronutrient tablets and high purity Omega-3 capsules, Pregnacare Breast-feeding is formulated specially for the postnatal breast-feeding period.
• 700mg calcium which contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth.
• 10mcg of Vitamin D which contributes to the development of bones and teeth and also supports the immune system.
• 300mg Omega 3 DHA capsule which contributes to the development of normal brain function and vision. Infants have limited capability to synthesize fatty acids, which therefore must be obtained direct from external sources such as the mother's milk. During breast-feeding, the infant's brain continues to take up DHA and 15% of brain growth occurs after birth.
• Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and B6, Iron and Magnesium which contribute to normal energy release.
• Other minerals include Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Beta carotene and Iodine.

Pregnacare Breast-feeding can also be taken as a general postnatal supplement for 6-9 months following childbirth or longer if required, to replace depleted nutrients and assist the body following pregnancy, even if you are not breast-feeding.

Pregnacare Breast-feeding has been specially formulated by experts to provide sensible, balanced levels of vitamins and minerals based on scientific research with ideal amounts for breast-feeding.

Take two Pregnacare Breast-Feeding tablets plus one Omega 3 capsule per day with full glass of water usually with your main meal.


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