Erectile Dysfunction

Since Jan 2021, Viagra Connect (which contains 50mg Sildenafil) is available from Your Local Pharmacy branches without a prescription provided the patient has a consultation with the pharmacist prior to supply.  Viagra Connect is licensed as pack sizes of 4 and 8 tablets and pre-diagnosis of erectile dysfunction by a doctor is not required for pharmacy supply of the medication.


Viagra Connect is only intended for men 18 years and older who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) (i.e. difficulty in getting and/or maintaining an erection satisfactory for sexual performance). This product must not be supplied to men who do not have ED.  Erection problems can put a strain on relationships. They can also be a warning sign of a health condition or disease you might not be aware of and that is why it is important to take action and find a solution for your ED.


When you get Viagra Connect after completing the patient consultation form we will give you a repeat supply slip. If you bring this in with you the next time you need to make a purchase, the pharmacist does not need to ask all of the same questions again. They will verify that nothing has changed since your last purchase before making the supply.

The pharmacist will advise you to get a health check-up with your doctor as soon as you can within 6 months of first receiving Viagra Connect. This is to check for any underlying medical problems that can sometimes be associated with erectile dysfunction.