Breast Pump Rental

At Your Local Pharmacy we have hospital grade breast pumps available to rent through our partners ( which can be collected same day in our Cork Street branch, close to the Coombe Hospital. 


Medela Symphony is ideal for long-term frequent pumping needs and is designed to support working mothers. It is also used by mothers who experience breastfeeding problems and by first-time mothers unsure of their pumping goals. This breastpump is absolutely hygienic as there is no contact between breastmilk and the pumping system.

A pump collection kit must be purchased for use with the pump, each user will need to have their own kit to avoid contamination. Symphony breastpumps can be used for single or double pumping with these accessory kits. Double pumping reduces pumping time and promotes an increase in milk production and is widely recommended for all users. Double pumping can help increase prolactin, the milk-producing hormone.