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Tepe Interdental Brushes Green 0.8mm

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A special brush by TePe designed to clean the gaps between your teeth where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach. TePe Interdental Brushes come in a range of sizes, designs and filament types. The updated colour scheme is based on ISO-certificated standards and allows quick identification of the perfect brush size.

Daily use can remove 40% more plaque than through brushing alone. Effective plaque control with the help of TePe brushes can prevent tooth decay and cavities, bleeding caused by gum disease and bad breath.

A functional design with an ergonomic handle and a straight neck guarantees optimal access to the hardest-to-reach areas as well as for cleaning braces, implants, crowns as well as your natural teeth. TePe Interdental Brushes come in a range of sizes

• Pink (0.4mm -Size 0)

• Orange (0.45mm -Size 1)

• Red (0.5mm - Size 2)

• Blue (0.6mm - Size 3)

• Yellow (0.7mm – Size 4)

• Green (0.8mm – Size 5)

• Purple (1.1mm – Size 6)

• Mixed Pack

Use a straight interdental brush between the front teeth. Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into a space; work it in gently or choose a smaller size. Move the interdental brush full length back and forth a few times.


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