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Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment

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    Scholl Fugal Nail Treatment is a uniquely designed system, scientifically proven for treatment of fungal nail.  The discrete, easy to use liquid has been specially formulate to penetrate into the nail to treat the fungal infection at its source.

    Fungal nail is surprisingly common; it is an invasion of fungal species underneath the nail. The fungi are passed from person to person by direct contact and are carried by carpets, socks, shoes and hosiery.

    • Yellow/brownish discolouration of the nail.
    • White 'islands' on the surface of the nail
    • The appearance of the nail is rougher, more brittle and with ridges.

    An easy to use, two-step system that has been developed to helps prevent spread of infection & recurrence.

    • Convenient, discreet, all in one product.
    • Visible results within weeks.
    • Helps prevent spread of infection.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Suitable for mild fungal nail such as:
    • Discolouration covers less than 75% of the nail.
    • Symptoms are present in two nails or less.
    • Symptoms have been present for less than 2 years.

    At the end of the Treatment Phase the level of discolouration on the nail is reduced.  After 9-12 months which is the average length of time a human toenail takes to grow-out completely, the discolouration will have disappeared, and nails will have recovered with no signs of fungal infection.

    Treatment is in two phases:

    SChollPhase 1 (4 weeks)
    Use a nail file to gently file the surface of the nail once a week for 4 weeks.
    Dispose of the file immediately after use.
    Apply the advanced nail liquid to the surface of the nail once a day for 4 weeks.
    Allow the liquid to dry for 5 minutes before putting on socks, tights, shoes or going to bed.
    After 4 weeks, move on to phase 2.

    Phase 2 (9 months)
    Apply the advanced nail liquid to the surface of the nail once a week for 9 months or until the discolouration has grown out.
    Trim toenails once a month – never cut the toenail down to the level of the skin (leave 2–3 mm length).


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