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Rossmax Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

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Rossmax Non-Contact Thermometer is used to detect body temperature from the temple. The thermometer could also detect the temperature of objects, including water, milk, cloth, skin or other objects. Temperature can be measured within 5cm (2 inches), and also included is a fever alarm, that warms the user for potential fever when detecting a body temperature over 37.5˚C (99.5˚F).

It has 9 memories, and is °C / °F switchable. It has automatic shutdown, and indicates when the battery is low.

Rossmax Non-Contact Temple Thermometer has been clinically tested in several big teaching hospitals, covering sufficient febrile and normal body temperature subjects with satisfied clinical repeatability and measuring accuracy comparing to the concurrent oral temperature measurement reading.

How to measure temple temperature:
• Always make sure the probe is clean and without damage.
• Press “On/off/memory” button to power on the device.
• Vertically aim the thermometer at the temple with a distance of less than 5cm. If the temple is covered with hair, sweat or dirt, remove the obstacle from the temple to improve the measuring accuracy.
• Press the ‘Start’ button to take temperature. Measurement is complete when you hear a long beep sound.
• Read the recorded temperature from the LCD display.
• Clean the probe after each use to ensure an accurate reading and to avoid cross contamination.

How to measure object temperature:
• Make sure the device is turned off.
• Press and hold down the ‘Start’ button. After about 8 seconds, the display will show this sequence:
• Release the ‘Start’ button when the desired measurement mode is shown, and 1 short beep sound will be heard.
• When you are at Object Mode, press the ‘Start’ button to get the real temperature.


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