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Rossmax Digital Thermometer

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The Rossmax Flexible Thermometer provides a quick, highly accurate reading over the human body temperature range. With a temperature range that can be shown as fast as 10 seconds, this thermometer is easy to use and is waterproof too.

Temperatures can be read in both °C /and °F (Celsius and Fahrenheit). It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to prolong battery life and has a low battery indicator. The Rossmax Flexible Thermometer can be used for oral, axillary or rectal use

Push the on/off button by the display window. The display will read for 2 seconds, and a beep sound will be heard. Releasing the on/off button, the last measured temperature will be displayed for approximately 2 seconds. Wipe or dip the probe with alcohol for disinfection.

For Oral Use:
Place the probe well under the patient’s tongue. The patient must keep his/her mouth closed for about 20 seconds. Do not drink hot/cold fluids, exercise, smoke or perform other activities prior to a reading – these activities will raise or lower temperature readings when compared to your normal, average temperature.

For Axillary Use:
Tightly place probe in the patient’s armpit for about 30 seconds. Please ensure the close contact between the probe and the armpit if the thermometer is used on a baby or child.

For Rectal Use:
This method is commonly used for young children when it is difficult to take an oral or axillary temperature. Always use the probe cover when taking rectal measurements. Lubricate with a water-soluble gel. Gently insert the probe tip no more than 1.5-2 cm into the rectum for about 10 seconds. Do not force the tip into the rectum if resistance is encountered. Disinfect the thermometer after use.

For more information, see the instruction manual provided.


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