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MooGoo Natural Hydrating Cleansing Bar Oatmeal

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This was traditionally used to alleviate irritated skin, but is excellent for all types of skin, especially dry and/or sensitive. Moogoo Hydrating Cleansing Bars contains Cocoa Seed Butter and Olive Oil, some of which remain on the skin after washing, keeping it hydrated but clean.

Moogoo Hydrating Cleansing Bars come in three different types
• Goat’s Milk s especially suited to those people with very sensitive skin. It is the mildest way to remove old oil and grease from the skin and replaces these oils with pure nut oils and proteins.
• Buttermilk soap is especially good for people that have had dry skin, or develop dry skin from the sun or air-conditioning. Skin should never be dried out as it becomes more prone to lines and wrinkles.
• The finely ground oatmeal in this soap helps exfoliate the skin, and Honey is a natural antiseptic and has been shown to assist skin repair. All of this is in a Buttermilk base. It just so happens that it smells like a healthy breakfast.

The cleansing bars do contain dairy but the fresh milk will not go “off” because the saponified oils prevent bacteria from forming. Moogoo cleansing bars are all cured for 3 months before they are packed up and sent out to you. They bars are best avoided if lactose intolerant.

Directions for use:

Just wet the bar and lather up. Use morning and evening with warm water.

Tip: These are big bars of Milk Soap (130g) so they last longer. Some people with smaller hands or children may find it easier if the bar is cut into two pieces.


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