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Copper Bracelet: Kells Copper | Magnetic Mobility

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Copper Bracelet with 6 Neodymium Magnets

Available in 2 sizes

Material: Copper

Style: Open Back Bangle - Adjustable with gentle bending

Contains: 3000 gauss Neodymium Magnets x 6

Size: 16.5cm and 19cm available

Band: 15 wide

Embrace the allure of the Kells Copper Bracelet - a luxurious union of history, craftsmanship, and wellness. Inspired by the iconic Book of Kells, this copper bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a journey through Ireland's rich cultural tapestry. Each intricate design, from the Celtic knots to the interlocking birds, is a nod to ancient artistry, all set on a canvas of 99.9% pure copper.

But the Kells Copper Bracelet doesn't just captivate the eye; it's also your wellness companion. Fitted with six powerful Neodymium magnets (read below for more details), this copper bracelet seamlessly combines health benefits with timeless elegance.

With a generous 15mm band width, and available in two tailored sizes ” 16.5cm and 19cm ” you can ensure the perfect fit for your wrist. 

Don't let history and wellness elude you. Honour your heritage, boost your well-being, and make a style statement with the Kells Copper Bracelet. Add to cart today.


Note: Copper will leave a greenish mark on skin after time. This is easily removed with washing with soap and water. 

All of our bracelets can be worn when sleeping and showering. In fact, the longer the elements are in contact with the skin the better.

Do NOT use magnetic products if you have a pacemaker, electric implants or insulin pumps.
Pregnant women are advised against wearing magnets.


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