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AYA Vitamins - Ultimate 10 Billion

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AYA Ultimate 10 Billion is a probiotic supplement to support digestive and immune health this supplement helps restore a positive balance of friendly bacteria in the GI tract which can be disrupted by poor diet, stress or antibiotic usage .

The typical healthy human will carry over 3 1/2 pounds of probiotic bacteria, this is more than the weight of the brain. 

AYA 10 billion contains 10 Billion organisms per capsule, with 6 strains of bacteria for broad spectrum probiotic activity. The capsules are DR capsules comprise of a delayed release capsule shell that protects sensitive bacteria from stomach acid.

AYA 10 billion is used for:

  • Gut and Digestion.
  • Fertility and Pregnancy.
  • Everyday Health and Wellbeing.
  • Immune Support.
  • Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Recommended dose is to take one to four tablets daily with food. It is advised to swallow the tablet with water.


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