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Alflorex from PrecisionBiotics contains 1 billion live bacteria of the unique culture 35624 part of the Bifidobacterium family, one of the first kinds of bacteria passed by mothers to their babies at birth. The 35624 culture in Alflorex has been shown in 2 clinical trials and in scientific publications to remain active right through the digestive system and to reach the bowel with its properties intact.

Alflorex acts immediately and begins to prime your gut where it is needed. This activity takes approximately 4 weeks and during this time it is important to take Alflorex every day and finish the full course.

Adults: Take one capsule every day. Alflorex can be taken with or without food, at any time of the day. If there is an issue with swallowing the capsule, the capsule can be opened and sprinkled over food or mixed with fluids.

Note: Fruit juices are generally acidic and acid can damage bacteria cultures. We recommend taking Alflorex with water or milk or less acidic drinks such as soya, almond or rice milk.


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