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Parasol Sun Care Kids Once Daily SPF 25+

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    Parasol One Application a Day Sun Care SPF Lotion has been formulated for fair skin. Irish-owned Parasol remains the trusted choice for high-quality, long-lasting sun protection for the whole family.

    This range of sun creams will provide 15-25 times more natural protection against UVB rays (sunburn) and long term UVA induced skin damage while still allowing tanning. Its extreme durability to water which means that it is ideal for use when swimming. 

    An Active Anti Ageing System including herbal extracts may help reinforce the skin's natural UV rays defences against fine lines and wrinkles and neutralises cell damaging free radicals. Parasol is enriched with moisturisers to help prevent peeling and to leave your skin silky smooth. And because it doesn't leave sticky residue- it is ideal for sandy beaches.

    • May Contain Nut Oil.
    • Not suitable for children aged 3 & under.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Water-resistant & Sand resistant.
    • Allows tanning.
    • Moisturising.
    • Perfume-free.

    Parasol is available in a variety of SPF and formulations to protect the entire family.

    • Parasol Sun Care Once Daily SPF 10 100-200ml
    • Parasol Sun Care Once Daily SPF 15 100-200ml
    • Parasol Sun Care Once Daily SPF 20 100-200ml
    • Parasol Sun Care Sport Once Daily SPF 25+ 100-200ml
    • Parasol Sun Care Kids Extreme Once Daily SPF 25+ 100-200ml

      Apply Parasol 30 minutes before sun exposure to all areas of the body, remembering to pay particular attention to the face, nose, shins and shoulders, as these areas are particularly susceptible to burning

      • Allow parasol to dry completely before sitting, lying down or putting on clothing.
      • For children and adults who are continuously in and out of the water a second application in the afternoon will give extra peace of mind.
      • Avoid contact with eyes. If Parasol enters the eyes rinse with tepid water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.
      • Do not put moisturiser on before applying Parasol and avoid using shampoos or shower gels containing silicone or any barrier ingredient.
      • Do not towel dry until finished sunbathing.
      • Insect repellent contained in Parasol is for daytime protection only in non-tropical climates.


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